Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hey Roseville Fans!

I am blogging exclusively now at  www.TheDanglingThread.blogspot.com ! It became too much to try to keep up two blogs at once, so unfortunately I had to let this one go.

So, join me for day-to-day chatter, Roseville updates, recipes, quilting patterns and fun over at the other blog!

Thanks for your support! See you soon!

Rhonda Mossner

Monday, September 17, 2012

September 17, 2012

Hello Roseville!

I am trying to blog as often as possible, but with all of this continued storm clean-up it is difficult to get on-line as often as I would like.

It's time to remind you about the big Oktoberfest celebration coming up on the second weekend out at the Roseville Resort Lodge!

Grace Lutheran Church will be hosting the event and will be sponsoring Bobby Joe's Big Brat Band on Saturday afternoon! You all remember Bobby Joe. Just in case you don't, he graduated from Roseville High School and went to UW Madison to pursue his dream of teaching high school music. He started down at Disney World working during the summers and was "discovered" by a talent scout last year. Since graduating from college, he has been all over the world touring with big bands and having the time of his life! Since is the pastor's son, the congregation got a deal for our celebration which was very nice! We're all looking forward to hearing him play "professionally" back home in Roseville. It will be the first time his folks have seen him since he left to go on tour, so we can all celebrate together!

As you know, we're still in need of some volunteers to get this weekend off the ground. I understand you probably feel like you've done nothing but give your time to the community lately, but if you could spare an hour or two to work a food tent or help with parking, set-up or clean-up we'd really appreciate it. Just give my son Mark Bauer a jingle out at the Lodge or stop by the quilt shop and we'll get you all signed up. We have free t-shirts for all who work the event and we'll have a special orientation next weekend complete with a free cook-out out at the Lodge, so come join the fun!

We're also in need of some pies for the church ladies tent. You know how people come from all around for our pies, so start baking and freezing now! Sam's orchard is full of apples and his pumpkins are ready for the picking, so now is the time to get started!

Well, speaking of getting started it's time to head down to the quilt shop-

Rhonda Bauer
Friends Squared Quilts
Roseville, WI

P.S.  The editor of the Roseville Times has asked me to announce that he is leaving on a two week trip to Finland on Thursday. If you have any issues with your ads or paper delivery, you're going to have to wait till he returns and resolve the problem.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Update! Sept 12, 2012

September 12, 2012

Hello Roseville!

I know it's been some time since I have blogged. We have all had a time here with our Internet lately due to that terrible "derecho" that swooped through our little town last month! In the "old days" we used to just call that a "wind storm" but not any longer. It has a real weather name "derecho" now. Whatever, it certainly was quite the night and I hope that Roseville doesn't experience anything quite so terrifying for some time to come!

As many of you already know, we had to close the quilt store for several weeks due to the damage to the windows and inventory inside. The storm took out not only our front windows and display, but also much of our fabrics and furniture. The office was left untouched, so that was certainly a blessing! It made it easier to contact our vendors and let them know what happened. Would you believe that several have offered to replace our inventory at half the wholesale cost? That is unheard of these days in business. I cannot thank them enough for their generosity.

The tower over at WRSE continues to be rebuilt. It was difficult to get all the damage cleaned up after it fell onto a nearby farm and silo. Thank goodness that the Strum family was in Minnesota visiting relatives and nobody was home the time of the storm! We're continuing to take donations for household goods for them over at Karen's Kandy Kitchen. She has dedicated the whole front alcove to the cause, so look for the boxes and be generous with both food and clothing. With five kids, that's a lot of clothes that they need for the upcoming school year!

Speaking of school year, I have been asked to announce that it looks like we'll be starting the new year at the beginning of October. They still have crews cleaning up out there and many windows need replacing from storm damage. We ask that if possible you continue to come out to help clean up whenever you can spare a few hours. Mayor Noonan would like to thank all of the volunteers who have spent your weekends helping out. Our goal is to open the doors for class the first Monday in October. With your continued support, we know that we'll meet that goal! We can do it, Roseville!

Well, it's time to get back to work here at the quilt shop. Stop in for a cup of coffee and a chat during the day-let us know how you are getting along-we're hoping to be open soon once again!

Rhonda Bauer
Friends Squared Quilts
Roseville, Wisconsin

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August 15, 2012

Dear Friends,

Thank you again for all of your lovely comments about the Quilts Along The Lake event. So many of you have made a point of stopping in to let us know how much you enjoyed it. As you know, this has become quite the event here in Roseville for the tourists and without you being so friendly and helpful they wouldn't come back. Thank you again.

Sam Holliday would like to mention that due to the blog yesterday about the cornhole games, he has been swamped with orders and is afraid he won't be able to fill the demand before Christmas. If you know of someone who enjoys woodworking or painting and would like a seasonal job helping Sam out, please give him a call as soon as possible. Sam has everything they need out at his place, so they don't need to worry about having tools or equipment. He would welcome the help!

Mayor Noonan would like to remind the citizens of Roseville that all dogs are to be leashed. There have been several complaints recently about dogs running rampant all over town and we just can't have that. Although you may think your pet wouldn't ever harm a soul, it's hard to tell what they might do if threatened. Starting October 1st, any loose canines roaming the city will be picked up by the police and the owner will be fined. So, please for the protection of your pet and for the citizens in town just snap the leash on to your dog's collar when you head outside for your walks. Thanks.

Finally, we have received many new fabrics over at the quilt shop. Friend Squared Quilts tries to stay right on top of the new designers. Come in and look around and sign up for a new class. The new offerings will be  out at the end of the week and this calendar will run through the end of the year. As a little added bonus, I'll be starting my retreats out at the Holliday Inn. The first weekend of November, we'll be quilting away from Friday noon until Sunday night, so look for it on the calendar under "Rhonda's Reindeer Retreat." We'll have a great time getting started on all of those holiday projects!

Enjoy your day!
Rhonda Bauer
Friends Squared Quilts

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August 14, 2012

Dear Roseville Friends,

I know you have been wondering where I have been the last few days here on the blog, but as many of you know I was out at the Quilt Show Along The Lake! Once again, the attendance was wonderful! We surpassed our number from last year. You know what that means? The word is getting out that this is quite a show!

Matt and Mark were very happy to see all the men return for another year at their tent. The fishing seminars were a big success! For everyone who is waiting, I am to announce that you can find the name of the winner of the weekend fishing retreat on their web site. Mark will get you all set up with dates and everything you need.

We were happy to see the new vendors from around town this year. Did you happen to stop by and see Sam Holliday's "Cornhole Challenge" game? I thought it was great how he demonstrated all the steps in building his little game from start to finish. I was so surprised to find out that my sister Tiffany was busy sewing up the little tossing bags! What a surprise! Sam wanted me to mention that he has many sets available out at the inn, so you can drive out and see his display anytime. If you are thinking of giving sets as Christmas presents to friends and family this year, he wanted me to mention that he's going to need some time to get them done. Just give him a call and he'll put you on the list. Also, as you may have noticed Sam will not put team emblems on them. He will paint them your desired colors, but you'll have to buy your own decals for them. Really, it's not that big of a deal. He just got this new inn off the ground and would prefer not being sued for using logos unofficially.

Another booth I was especially pleased to see was from the 4 Paws Animal Hospital of Roseville. As you know, their staff does an excellent job from annual vaccinations to surgeries for your pet. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Katz and her assistant Katya. I just loved the fact that they were promoting the Companion Project. Our Packer, as many of you know for many years visited those in the nursing home here in town and brought happiness to many people. I would encourage you to support this program financially if possible.

Well, it's back to the quilt shop today-stop by Friends Squared Quilts and see the winning quilts from the show!

Rhonda Bauer
Friends Squared Quilts

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Quit Show Cometh!

August 9, 2012

Dear Friends-

As you know, this weekend is the our Quilt Show Along The Lake event here in Roseville! Tonight we will have the final planning meeting to discuss all the details and begin packing up to head out to the park first thing tomorrow morning!

We have been very successful in recruiting volunteers this year. We thank all of you who have signed up or helped us out in any way. The Methodist women were so gracious in supplying us with extra tables for our pie tent this year and we just can't thank you enough! It was unfortunate when all of our tables suddenly slipped off the back of Sam's Produce truck during the rainstorm and then got run over by the construction bulldozer on his way into town, but those things can't be helped! Good thing we are all friends here in town and are willing to go the extra mile to help one another!

Also, I'd like to thank all of the businesses in town who have so generously donated door prizes this year. This raffle drawing is  our new fundraiser at the Friends Squared Quilts tent to help add to the Roseville High School Scholarship Fund. We especially thank the Roseville Lions Club for the donation of the snowblower! Wow! That should help bring in people right there! Remember how deep the snow was last winter?

Finally, I've been asked to remind everyone that this show brings in a lot of tourists to Roseville. Please be helpful in giving out correct directions as to places around town. Last year, we had a group of tourists lost out in the country driving around for nearly an hour looking for the park. Let's put on our Roseville smiles and welcome all of our guests. Remember each dollar spent here in town helps to keep our small businesses thriving!

See you at the quilt show!

Friends Squared Quilts

Monday, August 6, 2012

Back From Vacation!

August 6, 2012

Hello Friends!

I know it's been awhile since I have blogged, but we've been on a big family vacation and just returned last evening. Today, I have been busy recovering from the big week by doing several loads of laundry and catching up on emails! What did we do before email?

Ok, let me first let everyone know that we had a great time. This is Anna, Mark's wife out on her sailboat. She apparently has sailed for many years and was thrilled to have a chance to rent a boat while we were on the water. I think she is so brave! I'd never do something so risky. What happens if it tips over in the wind? I don't even think that thought even crossed her mind. We don't know who had a better time-Anna doing the sailing or the whole family watching her!

We heard that a big windstorm blew threw town while we were away. There seems to still be some tree limbs down that are blocking driveways and even a few roads here in town. Mayor Noonan asked me to please ask that you make plans to have to debris moved as soon as possible. They pose a problem for emergency vehicles to get through.

The volunteer firefighter recruitment effort seems to be going along quite well. As always, if you are still interested in helping out you'll need some training. The first class begins next Monday at 6pm over at the fire station. Please sign up with Gary Garrison over at the Roseville Times newspaper office to get your name on the list.

Karen Johnson would like me to announce that she is sponsoring an all day bus trip to Watertown and Miller's Creek in September. The trip will include a tour of the plant who do all of her coffee roasting, lunch on the deck at the Miller Creek Lodge that overlooks Lake Wisconsin and shopping at the outlet mall at Miller's Creek to finish off the afternoon! She will have free coffee, muffins and scones at her shop beforehand and Gene invites you to stick around for a cook-out when you get back! Sounds like a lot of fun, doesn't it? Stop by and sign up! Karen and Gene Johnson can give you all the details!

Well, time to get back to all that laundry!

Rhonda Bauer
Friends Squared Quilts