Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 22, 2012

What a beautiful morning in Roseville! If you are like me, it's been a bit tough moving around this morning after the late night down at the Legion Hall! We were able to raise $ 15, 600 with the auction items last night. All proceeds will go towards the new playground equipment in the park and also towards the Badger Boys and Badger Girls State programs. They asked me to say a public thank you to all who helped in any way, and to my husband, Dave Bauer, for acting as the emcee for the evening in a pinch. Mayor Noonan is recovering nicely from his fall on his back steps, by the way. 

The Methodist women also had a successful sale. It was reported to me last night during my dessert that they raised $4,200. Everyone in Roseville looks forward to their sale each and every year! Thanks so much, gals. 

Also while at the Legion Hall, Pastor Alexander from Grace Lutheran asked me to announced that the elders approved the very first German Fest to be held this fall out at the Roseville Retreat Lodge! My boys have graciously offered the grounds for the event, so we will finally have the room to set-up tents this year! So, there will be more information coming on that soon. It will be held the last Saturday of October. Watch this blog for volunteer sign-ups and more information. 

Finally, there was such overwhelming response to the blog about bringing back the Royal Rose theatre, that several citizens have decided to get together and do a "walk through" to see what really would need to be done in order to bring the place back to life. As you know, our very own Henry Milman (Alice's husband here at the quilt shop) is a contractor and will be heading up the "investigation" and doing a little fact-finding on the renovation. Anyone who would like to join this valiant effort can call Henry and Alice Milman directly or simply stop by the quilt shop during regular business hours and leave your name. Henry will get back to you.

That about wraps it up for today! 
Rhonda Bauer 
Friends Squared Quilts 

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