Monday, September 17, 2012

September 17, 2012

Hello Roseville!

I am trying to blog as often as possible, but with all of this continued storm clean-up it is difficult to get on-line as often as I would like.

It's time to remind you about the big Oktoberfest celebration coming up on the second weekend out at the Roseville Resort Lodge!

Grace Lutheran Church will be hosting the event and will be sponsoring Bobby Joe's Big Brat Band on Saturday afternoon! You all remember Bobby Joe. Just in case you don't, he graduated from Roseville High School and went to UW Madison to pursue his dream of teaching high school music. He started down at Disney World working during the summers and was "discovered" by a talent scout last year. Since graduating from college, he has been all over the world touring with big bands and having the time of his life! Since is the pastor's son, the congregation got a deal for our celebration which was very nice! We're all looking forward to hearing him play "professionally" back home in Roseville. It will be the first time his folks have seen him since he left to go on tour, so we can all celebrate together!

As you know, we're still in need of some volunteers to get this weekend off the ground. I understand you probably feel like you've done nothing but give your time to the community lately, but if you could spare an hour or two to work a food tent or help with parking, set-up or clean-up we'd really appreciate it. Just give my son Mark Bauer a jingle out at the Lodge or stop by the quilt shop and we'll get you all signed up. We have free t-shirts for all who work the event and we'll have a special orientation next weekend complete with a free cook-out out at the Lodge, so come join the fun!

We're also in need of some pies for the church ladies tent. You know how people come from all around for our pies, so start baking and freezing now! Sam's orchard is full of apples and his pumpkins are ready for the picking, so now is the time to get started!

Well, speaking of getting started it's time to head down to the quilt shop-

Rhonda Bauer
Friends Squared Quilts
Roseville, WI

P.S.  The editor of the Roseville Times has asked me to announce that he is leaving on a two week trip to Finland on Thursday. If you have any issues with your ads or paper delivery, you're going to have to wait till he returns and resolve the problem.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Update! Sept 12, 2012

September 12, 2012

Hello Roseville!

I know it's been some time since I have blogged. We have all had a time here with our Internet lately due to that terrible "derecho" that swooped through our little town last month! In the "old days" we used to just call that a "wind storm" but not any longer. It has a real weather name "derecho" now. Whatever, it certainly was quite the night and I hope that Roseville doesn't experience anything quite so terrifying for some time to come!

As many of you already know, we had to close the quilt store for several weeks due to the damage to the windows and inventory inside. The storm took out not only our front windows and display, but also much of our fabrics and furniture. The office was left untouched, so that was certainly a blessing! It made it easier to contact our vendors and let them know what happened. Would you believe that several have offered to replace our inventory at half the wholesale cost? That is unheard of these days in business. I cannot thank them enough for their generosity.

The tower over at WRSE continues to be rebuilt. It was difficult to get all the damage cleaned up after it fell onto a nearby farm and silo. Thank goodness that the Strum family was in Minnesota visiting relatives and nobody was home the time of the storm! We're continuing to take donations for household goods for them over at Karen's Kandy Kitchen. She has dedicated the whole front alcove to the cause, so look for the boxes and be generous with both food and clothing. With five kids, that's a lot of clothes that they need for the upcoming school year!

Speaking of school year, I have been asked to announce that it looks like we'll be starting the new year at the beginning of October. They still have crews cleaning up out there and many windows need replacing from storm damage. We ask that if possible you continue to come out to help clean up whenever you can spare a few hours. Mayor Noonan would like to thank all of the volunteers who have spent your weekends helping out. Our goal is to open the doors for class the first Monday in October. With your continued support, we know that we'll meet that goal! We can do it, Roseville!

Well, it's time to get back to work here at the quilt shop. Stop in for a cup of coffee and a chat during the day-let us know how you are getting along-we're hoping to be open soon once again!

Rhonda Bauer
Friends Squared Quilts
Roseville, Wisconsin

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August 15, 2012

Dear Friends,

Thank you again for all of your lovely comments about the Quilts Along The Lake event. So many of you have made a point of stopping in to let us know how much you enjoyed it. As you know, this has become quite the event here in Roseville for the tourists and without you being so friendly and helpful they wouldn't come back. Thank you again.

Sam Holliday would like to mention that due to the blog yesterday about the cornhole games, he has been swamped with orders and is afraid he won't be able to fill the demand before Christmas. If you know of someone who enjoys woodworking or painting and would like a seasonal job helping Sam out, please give him a call as soon as possible. Sam has everything they need out at his place, so they don't need to worry about having tools or equipment. He would welcome the help!

Mayor Noonan would like to remind the citizens of Roseville that all dogs are to be leashed. There have been several complaints recently about dogs running rampant all over town and we just can't have that. Although you may think your pet wouldn't ever harm a soul, it's hard to tell what they might do if threatened. Starting October 1st, any loose canines roaming the city will be picked up by the police and the owner will be fined. So, please for the protection of your pet and for the citizens in town just snap the leash on to your dog's collar when you head outside for your walks. Thanks.

Finally, we have received many new fabrics over at the quilt shop. Friend Squared Quilts tries to stay right on top of the new designers. Come in and look around and sign up for a new class. The new offerings will be  out at the end of the week and this calendar will run through the end of the year. As a little added bonus, I'll be starting my retreats out at the Holliday Inn. The first weekend of November, we'll be quilting away from Friday noon until Sunday night, so look for it on the calendar under "Rhonda's Reindeer Retreat." We'll have a great time getting started on all of those holiday projects!

Enjoy your day!
Rhonda Bauer
Friends Squared Quilts

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August 14, 2012

Dear Roseville Friends,

I know you have been wondering where I have been the last few days here on the blog, but as many of you know I was out at the Quilt Show Along The Lake! Once again, the attendance was wonderful! We surpassed our number from last year. You know what that means? The word is getting out that this is quite a show!

Matt and Mark were very happy to see all the men return for another year at their tent. The fishing seminars were a big success! For everyone who is waiting, I am to announce that you can find the name of the winner of the weekend fishing retreat on their web site. Mark will get you all set up with dates and everything you need.

We were happy to see the new vendors from around town this year. Did you happen to stop by and see Sam Holliday's "Cornhole Challenge" game? I thought it was great how he demonstrated all the steps in building his little game from start to finish. I was so surprised to find out that my sister Tiffany was busy sewing up the little tossing bags! What a surprise! Sam wanted me to mention that he has many sets available out at the inn, so you can drive out and see his display anytime. If you are thinking of giving sets as Christmas presents to friends and family this year, he wanted me to mention that he's going to need some time to get them done. Just give him a call and he'll put you on the list. Also, as you may have noticed Sam will not put team emblems on them. He will paint them your desired colors, but you'll have to buy your own decals for them. Really, it's not that big of a deal. He just got this new inn off the ground and would prefer not being sued for using logos unofficially.

Another booth I was especially pleased to see was from the 4 Paws Animal Hospital of Roseville. As you know, their staff does an excellent job from annual vaccinations to surgeries for your pet. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Katz and her assistant Katya. I just loved the fact that they were promoting the Companion Project. Our Packer, as many of you know for many years visited those in the nursing home here in town and brought happiness to many people. I would encourage you to support this program financially if possible.

Well, it's back to the quilt shop today-stop by Friends Squared Quilts and see the winning quilts from the show!

Rhonda Bauer
Friends Squared Quilts

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Quit Show Cometh!

August 9, 2012

Dear Friends-

As you know, this weekend is the our Quilt Show Along The Lake event here in Roseville! Tonight we will have the final planning meeting to discuss all the details and begin packing up to head out to the park first thing tomorrow morning!

We have been very successful in recruiting volunteers this year. We thank all of you who have signed up or helped us out in any way. The Methodist women were so gracious in supplying us with extra tables for our pie tent this year and we just can't thank you enough! It was unfortunate when all of our tables suddenly slipped off the back of Sam's Produce truck during the rainstorm and then got run over by the construction bulldozer on his way into town, but those things can't be helped! Good thing we are all friends here in town and are willing to go the extra mile to help one another!

Also, I'd like to thank all of the businesses in town who have so generously donated door prizes this year. This raffle drawing is  our new fundraiser at the Friends Squared Quilts tent to help add to the Roseville High School Scholarship Fund. We especially thank the Roseville Lions Club for the donation of the snowblower! Wow! That should help bring in people right there! Remember how deep the snow was last winter?

Finally, I've been asked to remind everyone that this show brings in a lot of tourists to Roseville. Please be helpful in giving out correct directions as to places around town. Last year, we had a group of tourists lost out in the country driving around for nearly an hour looking for the park. Let's put on our Roseville smiles and welcome all of our guests. Remember each dollar spent here in town helps to keep our small businesses thriving!

See you at the quilt show!

Friends Squared Quilts

Monday, August 6, 2012

Back From Vacation!

August 6, 2012

Hello Friends!

I know it's been awhile since I have blogged, but we've been on a big family vacation and just returned last evening. Today, I have been busy recovering from the big week by doing several loads of laundry and catching up on emails! What did we do before email?

Ok, let me first let everyone know that we had a great time. This is Anna, Mark's wife out on her sailboat. She apparently has sailed for many years and was thrilled to have a chance to rent a boat while we were on the water. I think she is so brave! I'd never do something so risky. What happens if it tips over in the wind? I don't even think that thought even crossed her mind. We don't know who had a better time-Anna doing the sailing or the whole family watching her!

We heard that a big windstorm blew threw town while we were away. There seems to still be some tree limbs down that are blocking driveways and even a few roads here in town. Mayor Noonan asked me to please ask that you make plans to have to debris moved as soon as possible. They pose a problem for emergency vehicles to get through.

The volunteer firefighter recruitment effort seems to be going along quite well. As always, if you are still interested in helping out you'll need some training. The first class begins next Monday at 6pm over at the fire station. Please sign up with Gary Garrison over at the Roseville Times newspaper office to get your name on the list.

Karen Johnson would like me to announce that she is sponsoring an all day bus trip to Watertown and Miller's Creek in September. The trip will include a tour of the plant who do all of her coffee roasting, lunch on the deck at the Miller Creek Lodge that overlooks Lake Wisconsin and shopping at the outlet mall at Miller's Creek to finish off the afternoon! She will have free coffee, muffins and scones at her shop beforehand and Gene invites you to stick around for a cook-out when you get back! Sounds like a lot of fun, doesn't it? Stop by and sign up! Karen and Gene Johnson can give you all the details!

Well, time to get back to all that laundry!

Rhonda Bauer
Friends Squared Quilts

Monday, July 30, 2012

July 30,2012

Could it be that it's almost the end of July already? How could that be possible? I heard conversation the other day while ringing up a customer at the quilt shop that school is only a few weeks off! Well, I think that's certainly an exaggeration! School in Roseville doesn't begin until after Labor Day! Besides, we have the Quilt Show Along The Lake next weekend! This is the absolute final call-out for volunteers! If you are interested, please stop in at Friends Squared Quilts and see what slots are still open. Thanks to all of you "quilt angels" who came to the training. It's great to see all of that enthusiasm!

As you have probably heard around town, the Roseville Resort Lodge will be sponsoring it's first fall quilt retreat. We're calling it "Rhonda's Reindeer Retreat" and it will be held the opening weekend of appropriately enough, hunting season! So, all of you hunting widows out there now have something to do! Gather up your quilting, scrapping or card making friends and help us celebrate the holiday season! We'll focus all of our efforts on getting those holiday gifts, cards and projects completed. Now, you'd better rest up because there will be a whole lot of coffee drinking and not too much sleeping. We'll have some big door prize drawings and a "midnight madness" quilt block exchange! We'll have all the information you need next to the register at Friends Squared Quilts, The Roseville Retreat Lodge office and also out at the check-in desk at The Holliday Inn. Tiffany said she was definitely going to be hosting the meals and snacks, so won't that be fun? Let me know if you'd like to attend so we can get your name on the list.

Spike's Skydiving Skool will be hosting an instructor training for all who are interested next Saturday from 11-2. This will only be a short training, then you will be jumping tandem with a licensed partner a couple of times later in the afternoon. You must be 18, and meet all the requirements to be considered for the training. Just stop out or call Skip if this type of ridiculous activity appeals to you.

That's about it for today. The whole Bauer family will be going to spend some time "up north" later in the week at Camp Luther, so there won't be a Roseville Blog on Wed-Friday. The Internet is spotty and it's just easier to give it up for a couple of days instead of worrying about it while I'm gone. I don't know about tomorrow either, since we'll be getting all packed up-but I'll try to stop in!

Rhonda Bauer
Friends Squared Quilts

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July 25, 2012

Would you just look at these cupcakes? Holly Winters, owner of The Flying Cupcake bakery on the square here in Roseville put these together yesterday and surprised us all at our quilt guild meeting!

My sister Tiffany Holliday, owner of The Holliday Inn just adored them. She is a big knitting enthusiast, and brought up the idea of opening a room out at the inn filled with yarn and fun little stitchery projects. We said we thought it was a great idea, and as a matter of fact would blend in very nicely with my new Rhonda's Retreat, a quilting retreat center to be located out at the Roseville Retreat Lodge soon.

It's going to be another quiet, but hot day again here in town. The ice cream social that was sponsored yesterday by Betty's Big Girl Dress Barn went over very nicely. Despite the heat and high humidity, our citizens were there to do their part-eat a lot of ice cream! The guild girls and I took turns running over to snag our treats in between customers and taking inventory. I especially loved the strawberry shortcake. Since Betty is a member of the Legion Auxiliary, I am wondering if  perhaps the cake is a smaller version of that delicious cake we all enjoyed at the fish fry on Saturday? It was all wonderful yesterday, Betty. You and your girls deserve a big thank you from all of us in town.

Well, things are steaming up quickly outside so Packer and I need to get our walk in this morning!

See you Thursday!

Rhonda Bauer
Friends Squared Quilts

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 24, 2012

I was up and "buzzin" around the house by 6am this morning. I have spent most of the last few hours catching up on all of the events happening this week around town. Once word got out that I had this blog going, my goodness you should see the people stopping by the quilt shop to drop a note off about this or that they'd like me to mention. 

First, let me mention that I received a phone call yesterday from the newspaper office. They were able to fix the problem with the printing equipment and it looks like the weekly edition of The Roseville Times will be out by Thursday afternoon-right on schedule. They appreciate your patience in going without the paper last week and as a thank you, your paper will be in a special plastic bag with a free Roseville Rockets Frisbee! Yes, I know-very exciting! 

Ok, also the Roseville Friends of the Library meeting scheduled for Saturday morning has been rescheduled for next Saturday in the community room at the library-10 am. It seems that Mable Smother's sister has fallen ill and she needed to head to Milwaukee for the week. Since she is the current president and planned on doing the presentation for the new addition "add-ons" it will have to wait till she gets back. In the meantime, you can call her on her cell if you have questions or want information about the meeting. 

Just a quick reminder that today is the day to head over to the square for lunch! Yes, it is hot outside but you'll cool down quick with a cool treat from the ice cream social being sponsored by Betty Big Girl Dress Barn! She and her gals are closing her shop from 11am-2pm in order to scoop up free ice cream cones and strawberry shortcake over at the gazebo. Come one, come all! Although the treats are free, they are taking donations towards children's books for the new library addition.

Have a great Tuesday! 
Rhonda Bauer 
Friends Squared Quilts

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Monday, July 23, 2012

July 23. 2012

July 23, 2012

Happy Monday to all on yet another bright and sunny day in Roseville! Temps are once again expected to reach close to 100 degrees and humid, so there's no time like the present to start getting those fluids down! I just had to stop over next door on the way to the quilt shop and take a quick photo of her new coffee mugs for sale! On the back side, Karen has printed her shop name and phone number. These are just adorable! Stop in and pick one up today for only $7.99 while supplies last!

As usual, we are busy around the quilt shop. New Christmas fabrics continue to arrive each week, so we hope you are planning to make lots and lots of quilts this year! Perhaps the fact it's so hot now means it will be a long winter with snow up to the rooftops? We can only hope! There's nothing better than quilting away for the holidays and the chilly months that follow! The girls and I were thinking of sponsoring a pre-holiday event on one of the Saturdays when we have our sale. We'll let you know details when they become available.

Petunia Peters, owner of Bloom Where You Are Planted! flower shop, wanted me to thank all of you for helping her out with all of those extra bundles she had last week to sell! Many shoppers read about her sudden surplus and dashed over after they were done here at the quilt shop. So many people enjoyed receiving flowers and mentioned to Petunia that maybe she should have a little "cash and carry" special more often. Well, you know our Petunia. She came up with even a better idea! Beginning August 1st, she will box up a half dozen red roses with baby's breath, tie them with a silk ribbon and deliver them on your birthday for only $10! Now, she needs some proof that it is indeed your birthday, plus she's planning to keep a list. One delivery per person, so if your husband comes in and tells her it's your day and then you call her later-sorry, you still only get the one bundle of six for $10. However, she is more than happy to sell your husband six more roses to make it a complete dozen, I am sure! Stop by her shop for more information. I believe she'll have some brochures about it this week that will available with all the details.

Well, time to open the quilt shop and get busy once again!

Rhonda Bauer
Friends Squared Quilts

Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 22, 2012

What a beautiful morning in Roseville! If you are like me, it's been a bit tough moving around this morning after the late night down at the Legion Hall! We were able to raise $ 15, 600 with the auction items last night. All proceeds will go towards the new playground equipment in the park and also towards the Badger Boys and Badger Girls State programs. They asked me to say a public thank you to all who helped in any way, and to my husband, Dave Bauer, for acting as the emcee for the evening in a pinch. Mayor Noonan is recovering nicely from his fall on his back steps, by the way. 

The Methodist women also had a successful sale. It was reported to me last night during my dessert that they raised $4,200. Everyone in Roseville looks forward to their sale each and every year! Thanks so much, gals. 

Also while at the Legion Hall, Pastor Alexander from Grace Lutheran asked me to announced that the elders approved the very first German Fest to be held this fall out at the Roseville Retreat Lodge! My boys have graciously offered the grounds for the event, so we will finally have the room to set-up tents this year! So, there will be more information coming on that soon. It will be held the last Saturday of October. Watch this blog for volunteer sign-ups and more information. 

Finally, there was such overwhelming response to the blog about bringing back the Royal Rose theatre, that several citizens have decided to get together and do a "walk through" to see what really would need to be done in order to bring the place back to life. As you know, our very own Henry Milman (Alice's husband here at the quilt shop) is a contractor and will be heading up the "investigation" and doing a little fact-finding on the renovation. Anyone who would like to join this valiant effort can call Henry and Alice Milman directly or simply stop by the quilt shop during regular business hours and leave your name. Henry will get back to you.

That about wraps it up for today! 
Rhonda Bauer 
Friends Squared Quilts 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday, July 20, 2012

It came to my attention that soon the Quilt Show Along The Lake show will be upon us. Have you signed up to volunteer? We are still in great need of parking attendants, food booth assistants and "quilt angels." The "quilt angels" are responsible for turning edges of quilts on display to the backside so that admirers may see the stitching on the back. All interested in this unique volunteer opportunity needs to call us at Friends Squared Quilts by next Wednesday. We have a one-hour training session for all "angels," as this is a very delicate job and can also involve some "customer service" issues at times, so it is vital that we're all on the same track. Also, you'll need to be properly fitted for your "white gloves." They are vital with this position.

A few women stopped by yesterday to let me know they have decided to organize a "Roseville Beautification Committee." They feel that there needs to be a group of citizens who are dedicated to seeing that the trash and debris is picked up, flowers are planted and weeded around the city park and funds are raised to support community projects. One very interesting item on their agenda is to possibly clean-up the former Royal Rose theatre on the square! How many years has that sad building sat empty and dilapidated next to Gus's Grocery? So many of us here in Roseville remember our first movie or date there. That sure sounds like a big undertaking their first time out, but what do I know? I am an owner of quilt shop! I applaud and support anyone willing to join the effort in keeping our little town as beautiful as possible! Clara Doolittle has graciously agreed to spearhead this effort and she asks that you call her if you are interested. You can call her anytime except Thursday afternoons, as she has a regular date with her card group at the senior center. She said if you just want to pop in over there and talk to her in person, that's fine also.

So, that's about it for today-lots to do down at Friends Squared Quilts so I'd better get running!

Rhonda Bauer
Friends Squared Quilts

Thursday, July 19, 2012

July 19, 2012 

Well, finally we were blessed with a little bit of rain overnight! I woke up about 3am not knowing what it was that was rattling the house-and then I remembered! That's what a thunderstorm sounds like! It is certainly about time. The sound of rain pounding against the windows was certainly a welcome sound to many in the area with gardens and crops, I am sure. Let's just hope it wasn't too much, too late. It's always so tricky this time of year to know for sure. 

Just because the ground got a little moisture doesn't mean it's ok to be out watering your yard with more water today. The city of Roseville ban on lawn watering is still in effect until further notice. I will let you know here in the blog when the temporary restriction has been lifted. Until then, if you are caught watering you will be fined by the Roseville police. This summer has certainly been challenging, but together we'll make it through. Just hang in there! 

If you are looking for something fun and different to do, how about heading out to Spike's Skydiving School? As you know, it's three miles north of town at the little airport that many of us have come to call the Roseville Airport. Spike has a deal going out there now. For only $150, you can do a tandem jump with an experienced and licensed instructor hooked onto you. For $100, you can jump yourself-but there are strict restrictions! You must call and find out the details if you are interested. You'd never catch me jumping from 13, 000 feet up in the air from an airplane, but some people just have a crazy hankering to do something silly like that. They call it something for their "bucket list!" 

Speaking of "buckets," Alice Milman will be teaching a class in how to sew a little liner for an ice cream bucket! Imagine that! It's a cute little lining with pockets all around that turns an ordinary plastic bucket into a quilter's tool caddy! Wow! Come on in and sign up-the class will take you either one whole four hour session, or two short two hour sessions. You decide. Either way, we hope to see you soon at Friends Squared Quilts! 

See you tomorrow! 
Rhonda Bauer 
Friends Squared Quilts 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July 18, 2012

It's Sure Hot!

Yes, it sure is hot outside today in Roseville! My goodness! When I woke up this morning, I believe it was already 75 degrees-and humid! What are you doing to stay cool? 

It has come to Mayor Noonan's attention that several citizens have been seen littering in the city square park after visiting the Roseville Dairy Barn . Apparently, the sticky bug-covered blue and white ice cream wrappers gave it away yesterday when our dear mayor was seen sitting and scraping one messy piece of a chocolate rocket treat from the bottom of his shoe while on his daily lunch walk over to Da's Diner. If you are seen littering by one of the police officers, you will be fined $50 for the first offense and then $200 for each act afterwards. We all have to do our part to keep our beautiful Roseville clean. It only takes a minute to dispose of your trash properly. Many of you may remember the old slogan "Put Litter In It's Place!" Let's make an effort to do just that. Thanks.

Holly Winters, owner of The Flying Cupcake Bakery, would like to announce that she is now selling ice cream over at her shop! She is selling it in pints, half and whole gallons, with many flavors to choose from. Now through the end of August, with any two dozen cupcakes ordered, she'll toss in a free half-gallon! So, buy your frozen treats from the Dairy Barn, then head over to the bakery for the bigger size to take home! Both businesses are excited to be able to serve Roseville, so we all win when we buy local, now don't we? 

At Friends Squared Quilts, we're still quilting away despite the heat! In addition, we have the volunteer sign-up sheets at the check-out for you to come by and sign up to help us next month at The Quilts Along The Lake quilt show! Hope to see you soon!

Rhonda Bauer 
Friends Squared Quilts 


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Let's Head To The Lake!

Good Morning,

My, this heat is certainly something! I wanted to post this picture from our very own Roseville Lake just outside of town to help cool everyone down a bit. Although it is only 8am, the temps are already climbing! What a better way to spend the afternoon than to head out for a dip in the water? My son Matt Bauer, owner of The Roseville Retreat Lodge would like to remind everyone that there is a lifeguard on duty out at the swimming beach from 9am to 9pm, seven days a week through Labor Day weekend. In addition, Matt's Snack Shack is now open "beach side", and has food, drinks and ice available. There is also a phone available for kids to call their parents if necessary.Matt does ask that if you plan to head out out to the swimming beach, please park in the special designated areas and not in the paved lot next to the Lodge. Thank you.

The Holliday Inn has announced hosting a Fall Friends & Family event! Each weekend of October, they'll invite you to visit them for their Harvestime Market (complete with Sam's Produce and demonstrations from local artisans), Cornhuskers Maze (a fun family adventure through the corn field), Applewerks (a tour of Tiffany and Sam's new enterprise-an old-fashioned apple press! Come see it for yourself and enjoy a treat! How about some cider or apple slices with hot melted caramel?) and finally you'll not want to miss The Patchwork Pumpkin Patch! I am thrilled to announce that Roseville's own quilt shop will be sponsoring a pumpkin patch on the farm where you are invited to go in search of your very own pumpkin, then come back to the heated barn decorated in vintage quilts and enjoy a smooth mug Patchwork Paradise, Quilter's Delight or Karen's Quilter's Blend coffee at the Kountry Kafe, sponsored by Karen and Gene Johnson from Karen's Kandy Kitchen of Roseville.

Lots of fun-but first, we have to get through this heat wave! Stay cool!

Rhonda Bauer
Friends Squared Quilts

Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday, Monday

Monday, July 16, 2012

Good Morning, Roseville!

Another warm week ahead with no relief in sight! What will you do to keep cool? If it's iced coffee you are looking for, head down to Karen's Kandy Kitchen for a tall glass of her new Patchwork Paradise coffee blend. It's roasted especially for iced drinks! Karen can whip up anything those over-priced places can, so head on in today and enjoy some cool coffee and conversation.

Petunia Peters stopped by Friends Squared Quilts just as we were closing up on Saturday after our sale. She asked if I would please mention that she still has 35 bundles of roses left in her overstocked inventory that she would very much like to sell! She has sweetened the deal a bit. All "cash and carry" roses are now 75% off! If you are in the "doghouse" with your sweetheart, swing on in and Petunia will fix you right up with some baby's breath, pretty ribbon and a beautiful box. Oh, and yes-she has a great selection of cards-and has a talent with words, just in case you get in a pinch.

Don't forget that the Roseville Farmer's Market will be out under the shade trees in the park tomorrow morning. This is the first year that we are trying to have fresh fruits and veggies available twice a week, instead of just the usual Saturday mornings. My brother-in-law, Sam Holliday, said that despite the drought he has been able to irrigate his crops from Roseville Lake. So, not to worry! Sam's Super Sweet Corn is ready and waiting for you to enjoy! He'll be there at 8am with a truckful. When it's gone, it's gone! Better plan to get there early!

If you have a chance, stop by Friends Squared Quilts and say hello!

Rhonda Bauer
Friends Squared Quilts

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday July 15, 2012

Hello Friends,

Thanks to all of you who came out yesterday to celebrate Roseville's Summertime Saturday Sales! The merchants in town all appreciate your loyal service and look forward to seeing you next month! Be sure to watch your weekly editions of The Roseville Times for your special ad flyer with great coupons!

The Friends Squared Quilt Guild would like to invite any interested quilters to join our monthly meetings. It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner quilter or a seasoned ribbon-winner, we'd love to have you! As you know, our Quilt Along The Lake annual show is coming up soon, and we need dedicated volunteers to help make it a great success! Please stop by the shop anytime for more details.

Speaking of volunteers,  the Roseville firefighters are in great need of individuals who would like to join their team. They will provide classes and training to those interested. As you know, we count on our rescue team each and every day here in Roseville. If you would like more information, please stop by The Roseville Times office and speak to Gary Garrison, the editor. He has graciously accepted the offer to act as the volunteer coordinator of this recruiting effort.

And finally, the Roseville Friends of the Library would like to invite all interested to join them for their annual book sale next Saturday from 10am-2pm at the library annex. All funds will go toward books and materials for the new addition coming soon.

See you soon-
Rhonda Bauer
Friends Squared Quilts

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Summertime Saturday Sale!  

July 14, 2012

Good morning! We hope that you have made plans to come down to our sale this morning! Our doors open at 10am and we'll be waiting for you!

Feel free to bring your children along with you! Now, how often do you hear a quilt shop owner say something like that? We will be hosting a special
"Smiling Red Story Hour" from 10-11am, and then Anna Bauer will be teaching a "Paper Quilting" class for all the kids. So, you'll just have to come!

Karen's Kandy Kitchen will be offering her usual hot coffee and cookie special this morning, so you when you are done shopping with us (or need a place to unload your husband for an hour or so) be sure to stop over and say hello!

Bloom Where You're Planted! flower shop down on the corner will be offering some deals on houseplants and cut roses today. Petunia Peters, the owner accidentally ordered 220 bundles of roses, instead of just 22. She is anxious to sell them, so think about all the people you can bring a smile to this afternoon just by giving them a beautiful bundle of roses!

The Flying Cupcake Bakery invites you to stop by for a free mini cupcakes for all the kids, Phil's Pharmacy is giving away free yardsticks and Gus's Grocery has a whole page of Saturday Specials in the Roseville Times this week!

Dave Bauer will be here at 11am for his Morning Show With Dave Bauer on WRSE this morning. Matt and Mark Bauer will be in to talk about some fishing seminars taking place this fall out at the lake, Rhonda Bauer will fill you in on her new Rhonda's Quilt Retreat at the Roseville Lodge and her sister Tiffany Holiday will share her news about what she is planning out at the Holliday Inn!

Hope to see you!

Rhonda Bauer
Friends Squared Quilts

Friday, July 13, 2012

Packer's Progress

July 13, 2012

Hello Friends!

As many of you in Roseville know, Packer is my beloved (retired) golden retriever who for many years made visits to residents at the nursing home and hospital. Most recently, he has been recovering from injuries he aquired outside the quilt shop a few months ago. I am happy to say that he is doing well and is almost back to normal.

Those of you who stop by this Saturday morning at Friends Squared Quilts in Roseville, will not only find Packer eager to greet you at the door, but also many sales on your favorite fabrics and notions! We have many new Halloween designs and are just getting out our new Christmas lines to show off.

I know it seems like the holidays are a long way off, but you know how it goes. One day it's the "dog days" of summer, then suddenly it's snowing! So, why not come on in and get those classes scheduled, fabrics purchased and patterns chosen before it's too late once again?

Karen Johnson, from Karen's Kandy Kitchen next door to the quilt shop will be bringing her newest quilter themed blend of coffee to share, along with some new cookies she hopes to market online for the holiday season. Come by for a sample and dream about all the wonderful quilts you can make this year for all of your loved ones!

Packer and I will see you Saturday! We're open from 10am to 6pm.

See you there!

Rhonda Bauer
Friends Squared Quilts

Monday, July 9, 2012

Beautiful Roseville!

July 9, 2012

What a beautiful day in Roseville! When I woke this morning to a crisp blue sky and cool temperatures, I had no choice but to quickly eat my breakfast and head outside for a nice long ride in the park!
I was surprised to find that many others in town had the exact same reaction to the weather, and felt they too had to join me on my trek through the woods. Many times, I found myself politely saying "on your right," several times as I maneuvered my way around dogs, elderly couples and several moms with tots in tow on several occasions. There were no collisions, crashes or catastrophes worth reporting that I witnessed. It seemed that everyone was just happy to have their own tiny share of the fitness path but willing to share with the rest of us when necessary.
After my glorious ride, I packed up my bike and drove to a nearby orchard that during the early summer months serves as a small farmer's market. I bought a perfectly ripe cantaloupe. I was tempted to buy some blackberries and bake up a fresh pie this afternoon, but then I remembered that my husband didn't like blackberries! These buying decisions have to be considered now that we are "empty nesters" without hungry teens descending on our kitchen every evening!
Sooner than I would have liked, the temperature outside began to rise along with the humidity and the serene peace of the cool morning had been broken. It was time to head back home once again.
As I drove back into town and saw Mayor Noonan waving to citizens and Phil Parsons out greeting customers outside his pharmacy, I smiled to myself and thought how fortunate I was to live in this lovely little town of Roseville.

Rhonda Bauer
Friends Squared Quilts