Monday, July 23, 2012

July 23. 2012

July 23, 2012

Happy Monday to all on yet another bright and sunny day in Roseville! Temps are once again expected to reach close to 100 degrees and humid, so there's no time like the present to start getting those fluids down! I just had to stop over next door on the way to the quilt shop and take a quick photo of her new coffee mugs for sale! On the back side, Karen has printed her shop name and phone number. These are just adorable! Stop in and pick one up today for only $7.99 while supplies last!

As usual, we are busy around the quilt shop. New Christmas fabrics continue to arrive each week, so we hope you are planning to make lots and lots of quilts this year! Perhaps the fact it's so hot now means it will be a long winter with snow up to the rooftops? We can only hope! There's nothing better than quilting away for the holidays and the chilly months that follow! The girls and I were thinking of sponsoring a pre-holiday event on one of the Saturdays when we have our sale. We'll let you know details when they become available.

Petunia Peters, owner of Bloom Where You Are Planted! flower shop, wanted me to thank all of you for helping her out with all of those extra bundles she had last week to sell! Many shoppers read about her sudden surplus and dashed over after they were done here at the quilt shop. So many people enjoyed receiving flowers and mentioned to Petunia that maybe she should have a little "cash and carry" special more often. Well, you know our Petunia. She came up with even a better idea! Beginning August 1st, she will box up a half dozen red roses with baby's breath, tie them with a silk ribbon and deliver them on your birthday for only $10! Now, she needs some proof that it is indeed your birthday, plus she's planning to keep a list. One delivery per person, so if your husband comes in and tells her it's your day and then you call her later-sorry, you still only get the one bundle of six for $10. However, she is more than happy to sell your husband six more roses to make it a complete dozen, I am sure! Stop by her shop for more information. I believe she'll have some brochures about it this week that will available with all the details.

Well, time to open the quilt shop and get busy once again!

Rhonda Bauer
Friends Squared Quilts

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